It's in our name, CFC Industrial Training is a global leader in providing training and certification in hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical, PLC, mechanical, and multi-craft skills for industrial and mobile markets.


Instructor-led courses unite hands-on training with outstanding multimedia visuals to present concepts in a way that increases student interest and enhances knowledge retention through interaction. On-the-job or on-the-couch - with our eLearning courses, technical training doesn't mean time constraints. Online courses can be easily managed through CFC's LMS Portal, and technical support is readily available.


Our Technical Expertise paired with our state-of-the-art Studio allows us to utilize the latest technology to document and explain Industrial and Mobile systems and concepts like never before. Educational and promotional Multimedia can be affordably developed with the assuredness of Subject Matter accuracy. LiveStudio broadcasts create a virtual classroom for distance learning that simulates the interactions of our stand-up Live Training.


CFC Industrial Training is a leader in providing hands-on technical training, consulting, and field services; offering unique solutions to any industry that utilizes fluid power, electrical, pneumatic, PLC, or multi-craft systems.  Our consultation and training classes are conducted by recognized, certified experts, all of whom have practical experience in the latest industrial and mobile technologies.  We provide start-up and engineering support to clients the world over, while always maintaining close, customer-centric service.  We are strategically able to offer personal attention to our clients and their projects - providing results where others often fail.

CFC Industrial Training

Our training approach is globally renowned and company-direct.  Our accredited instructors follow a hands-on curriculum, and offer a tangible approach to concepts by utilizing the students' own equipment whenever possible.  We also offer the valuable ability to discretely and professionally facilitate training on behalf of Manufacturers (both system and OEM) and Distributors.  Our expertise can bolster your prowess and extend your brand.

CFC’s Interactive electronic Technical Manual, the ITM, is a cutting-edge training and technical reference tool.  The ITM documents and describes machine systems with customized troubleshooting videos, interactive schematics, and photo navigation pinpointing and describing specific components.  It can be created as part of a training program, implemented as a maintenance and troubleshooting resource, or used to launch Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and digital twinning endeavors efficaciously.  OEM’s and fluid power distributors may also leverage the ITM as a revenue source via redistribution and interactive parts ordering.

CFC empowers human enterprise with industrial skills and solutions to manufacturing and engineering obstacles.  From fundamental training, to expert consulting and digitization, we are committed to your progress.  Hurdle inexperience and design challenges with our personal support and old-fashioned drive to roll-up our sleeves and tackle problems.  Let's get to work!



Ohio Workers and Employers!  Apply to TechCred to receive reimbursement for your Training Program with CFC Industrial Training.  

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