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The course provides detailed instruction on hydraulic cylinders in mobile and industrial applications. The relationship of flow and pressure vs. area is examined. Cut-a-ways and take-a-parts used to illustrate the seal types and components within the hydraulic cylinder. An operating system is utilized to demonstrate proper control components in a working circuit.      Read More

Direct and pilot operated control designs are discussed. The schematic symbols for pressure controls, and their variations are explained. An actual operating system will reinforce the concepts presented throughout the course.      Read More

Both fixed and variable displacement pump designs are reviewed. Symbology, cut-a-ways, and an actual operating unit are used to help understand pump function. Variable displacement controls are examined and explained. Read More

In this course various cut-a-ways of hydraulic motors and rotary actuators are shown. Torque and speed formulas are explained.     Read More

This module provides a foundation for understanding the underlying basic physics present in hydraulic systems. Topics include Pascal’s law, pumping principles, series and parallel circuits, line sizing, and horse power requirements to mention a few.      Read More

The Hydraulic Directional Control Valve is studied in great detail. Cover how to construct and read the ISO symbols for directional valves. Poppet and sliding spool type valves are examined. Both of these designs can be directly or pilot operated. Cut-a-ways and take-a-parts of several directional valves are shown.        Read More

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