CFC's Online Training provides world-class blended industrial training programs in hydraulic, electrical, mechanical, and other engineering and maintenance disciplines for both industrial and mobile applications.

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Look, up in the sky!  It's a bird!  It's a plane!  It's a bucket!  Aerial Bucket Trucks are the essential tool for a plethora of jobs and industries.  This course introduces operators and maintenance personnel to the mobile hydraulic systems of bucket trucks.  Beginning with an overview of various truck features and possible configurations, the course then delves into integral fluid power components such as Pump Types, Outriggers, Tool Circuits, and Lower & Upper Control.  Their functions and interactions in the system as a whole will be detailed.  The course concludes with a module on Troubleshooting.   120 Day Course Access after purchase date.      Read more

Making sense of lines, squares, squiggles, and more!  This course will introduce the symbology and composition of Fluid Power schematics.  By categorizing and identifying hydraulic symbols by their basic shapes, you will quickly be able to associate them with the actual components they represent.  The basic construction of a schematic will then be detailed; showing you how to draw the "core" of a schematic and then "add-on" components until a system is accurately represented. Lastly, examples of real-world schematics will be reviewed and their circuits explained.   The course concludes with a Final Quiz.     120 Day Course Access after purchase date.      Read more

In this course, you will be introduced to a Pressure Compensated Piston Pump (Rexroth A10VSO).  The function an operation of such pumps will be explained, followed by a detailed Disassembly of an actual pump.  Then the pump components will be thoroughly inspected and evaluated, highlighting particular troubleshooting and maintenance parameters.  The Compensator Control will be explained and disassembled, followed by a total Reassembly of the pump.  Finally, a Demonstrational Circuit will show a pressure compensated pump in action. The course finishes with a brief Conclusion section.   120 Day Course Access after purchase date.      Read more

Hydrostatic Circuits are prevalent in mobile fluid power applications.  This course begins by detailing Pumps found in hydrostatic circuits and how they can be controlled.  Hydrostatic Circuits are then thoroughly explained, followed by Pressure Limiter Circuit, and a Simplified Pressure Limiter Circuit - you will learn how charge pressure systems and hot oil/flushing circuits work.  Lastly, a schematic is drawn to accompany a demonstrational circuit, and various schematic variations are explored.  The course concludes with a Final Quiz.   120 Day Course Access after purchase date.      Read more

The Connector and Conductor hands on review is a course designed to prep the student identifying, assembly, procedure, and operation on various components. (ig Hoses, fittings, tubes) Read more

This is a complete review of every outcome to prepare for the IFPS Mobile Hydraulic Mechanic Certification Exam. Read more

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