CFC's Online Training provides world-class blended industrial training programs in hydraulic, electrical, mechanical, and other engineering and maintenance disciplines for both industrial and mobile applications.

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Slip-in “Logic” Cartridge valves are compact, have low pressure drop, and operate at pressures up to 5000 psi and flows to 3000 GPM. Slip-in cartridges can function as pressure, flow, and directional valves. This module explains the different types of commonly used valves, how they work and how they’re shown on schematics. Read More

A straight forward approach describing graphic symbology to the actual hydraulic working components will make reading schematics easy.   Read More

This class shows how to do a basic evaluation of a typical pressure compensated piston pump. The pump is dis-assembled, major parts are explained and evaluated. The pump is re-assembled and tested for pressure and flow using flow meters and pressure gages. The pump has a load sense and std. pressure compensator. Read More

This training explains how basic hydrostatic systems work, how the pumps can be controlled, charge pressure systems and hot oil/flushing circuits. A schematic is built from scratch explaining each component as well as showing an actual operating system with troubleshooting suggestions. Read More

The Connector and Conductor hands on review is a course designed to prep the student identifying, assembly, procedure, and operation on various components. (ig Hoses, fittings, tubes) Read More

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